Apply Effect Resource

Overview of the Apply Effect resource

The Apply Effect resource allows the author to apply animations and visual effects on applicable objects in the scene. An effect can be an animation or some form of particle effect. It can be a powerful tool for bringing the character to life, or for allowing objects in your environment to react in response to the user.

Required Fields:

Field Name Description
World Objects Specifies which scene objects will display an effect

Specifies the effect to be applied.

This effect can be an animation or a particle effect.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description

If applicable, specifies the speed (multiplier) of the effect.

A speed of 2.0 would reduce the duration of the effect by half.


There are no events emitted by an Apply Effect resource.  In order to stop an effect, you have to deactivate the resource.  

Example In the Headset:

In this example, I want my character Stacey to sit down.  The action of sitting down is done with an Apply Effect resource.  

  • Open the script and frame you want to put this action.
  • Drag the Apply Effect resource into your frame.  For this example, Stacey is the World Object and the effect is one of my Unity Animations:


  • Once I save and test in the headset, you can see that Stacey sits down (the Apply Effect we just created), but the chair isn't reacting to the sit motion:


There is the ability to layer Apply Effects. 

  • Going back to the frame I will add a second Apply Effect with the Employee Chair as the World Object and the appropriate Unity Animation:


  • Once I save and test in the headset, you can see that Stacey sits down and the chair moves appropriately: