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Conditions: Overview

Conditions are used to control the flow of frames and set dynamic values

A Condition is something that has a Boolean value to it. That is, it is either true or false.

Conditions are used in multiple places. They can be used as a Frame Precondition to restrict the activation of a frame, or as a Frame Postcondition to close a frame, or as a parameter of certain Resource items.


If the video is too small, mouse over the bottom right and click on the fullscreen icon after you hit play. 


The most commonly used conditions are:

World Object Proximity: Checks how close the user is to an object

Compound Condition: Two or more conditions that must be true

Custom Event: Checks if a custom authored event has occurred

Object Event: This condition checks if the specified event has emitted the specified event

Object State: Checks the state of an object (for example, selected, grasped etc)

Story Point: Checks if a specific story point has occurred

Timer Condition: Sets a delay before the frame opens