Create a New Script Catalog and add a New Script

This article describes how to create a new script catalog and add a script to it.

Create a new Script Catalog and a new Script

1. Create a New Script Catalog

Follow the steps below to create a new Script Catalog:

  • In the Scripts area, Click the 'Create or Import a New Catalog' header. 
  • In the Create Catalog section, enter a Catalog name and click the create button
  • A new Script Catalog with that name will appear in the list

You can create additional Script Catalogs or you can hide the create/import catalog options by clicking the down arrow near the 'Create or Import a New Catalog' header.


2. Create a New Script in the Catalog

This step describes adding a new Script to a Script Catalog.

  • Add a new Script to your Script Catalog by clicking the '+ Add New Script' button at the bottom of the Script Catalog to which you want to add the new Script.
  • Type a name for your Script and click the checkmark button. The Script will now appear in the list.

You can create additional Scripts or hide the Add New Scripts option by clicking the 'x' button.


You can click on your newly created Script to open the Script editor.