Create a Text-to-Speech Audio File & Add It to a Catalog

Create a text-to-speech audio file that can be used in any script. These are great for voice overs and placeholders for professional voice overs.

Step 1 - Create a Text-to-Speech Audio File

In Storyflow:

  1. Click the Media tab
  2. Click the Text to Speech button


The Text to Speech section will open. This section has several parts

  1. Language menu - Choose the desired language and accent
  2. Voice menu - Choose between different voice types
  3. Text area - Enter the text that will become the audio file
  4. Preview button - Press this button to hear the text in the language and voice selected in the previous menus
  5. File name - By default, the file name is the same as the text. You can change the file name if you wish. If the text is long, shortening the name can make it easier to find
  6. Save file button - This will save the file to your media library.

File names: If you write complete sentences with punctuation or quotations, remember to change the file name or remove those characters from the file name before you save.

Select a language and a voice. Enter some text and preview it if you wish. Save the audio file. It will now be in your media library.

Step 2 - Add the Text-to-Speech File to a Catalog

Adding our new file to a Media Item Catalog will allow it to be used in any Storyflow script.

  • Click the Catalogs tab.
  • Scroll down to the Media Items Catalogs and open the one into which you want to put the text-to-speech audio file. 
If you do not yet have a Media Item Catalog, click the Create button to make one.



Inside the Media Item Catalog, click the '+' button to create a new catalog item.

In the new Catalog item:

  1. Enter a Title
  2. Click 'Choose Media'

A view on the Media Library will open. Find your audio file and select it. You can use the search bar at the top or the Types menu to filter the items in the library. This can help you find your file faster.

Save the catalog by clicking the Save button. 


The audio file can now be added to any Storyflow script from this catalog.