Deactivate resource Resource

Overview of the Deactivate resource Resource

The Deactivate resource Resource terminates any resource in a script. This can be used to stop media playback or disable any UI generated from resources, for example.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Resource Specifies the resource to be deactivated. You can only deactivate resources that are local to the script.


Complete, Open, Activate.


In Workshop Tutorial 7, I created an itemized list.   I will use the Deactivate Resource to make the list go away at a specific point in the script.

  • Go to the last frame you want the list to appear and create a sub-frame.
  • Choose the appropriate Object Event script item.  In my example, the learner will receive a notification about their success once the list is complete.  I want to deactivate the list after that:


The list will be removed from the scene at that point as a result.