Equip or Unequip Resource

Overview of the Equip or Unequip Resource

Equip or Unequip allows the author to control the equipping or unequipping of an object through StoryFlow. For example, this was used extensively in some PPE training scenarios we created. When we wanted the learner to start with PPE “on” to learn doffing procedures we used this resource to “equip” them with the correct objects. This is different from the “Equip” and “Unequip” resources found in the “Object Interactions” section. The “Equip” and “Unequip” in the Object Interactions section are used when you want the learner to take the action (not have it automatically occur in the scenario).


Required Fields:

Field Name Description

Equippable Object

The named object you will equip/unequip. Usually an article of clothing or personal equipment.


Equip or Unequip.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Target Where you want the item to attach. Usually, Head, Face, Hand, Body, or Foot.



Close, Complete.  

Less often used:  Open, Activate, Deactivate (if initiated by the author with Deactivate Resource).

Example In The Headset:

In this example, I want to put a safety hat on the learner at a specific time.  Here are the steps:

  • Open the appropriate script and frame.
  • Drag and drop the object (safety hat) and target (head) into the frame where you would normally organize scene objects.  In my example, I have a frame just for this:

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.06.07 AM

  • I warned the learner that the hat would be equipped by using a Notification in a new frame and added a sound notification:

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.08.18 AM

  • When the Notification closed, I added the Equip or Unequip resource by dragging it into the frame and configuring:
    • Equippable Object = Safety Hat
    • Action = Equip
    • Target = Head

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 11.10.04 AM

  • Once the script is saved, this is what the learner will see in the headset.  Note the brim of the hat will appear when it is equipped: