Equip Target Resource

Overview of the Equip Target Resource

The Equip Target resource specifies a target object that is equippable. This resource is used in tandem with the Equip and Unequip object interaction resource. Similar to the Scene Object resource, this resource is simply used as a reference for other resources.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Target Specifies the target that is equippable. This target can then be referenced to the Equip and Unequip object interaction resource.


Activate and Open.


I want to put a hat on the learner.  In order to do so, I need a target (landing place).  In this case, that would be the head.  

  • Open the appropriate script/frame.
  • Use the Equip Target resource to designate a Target (from catalog):


To see the next steps in equipping the object, see Equip or Unequip Resource.