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Events: Overview

An explanation of what Events do


If the video is too small, mouse over the bottom right and click on the fullscreen icon after you hit play. 


About Events

Events occur throughout a scenario (some automatically, some authored) and can be used to track progress and control scenario flow. Events are automatically emitted by resources (like, "an action is complete") or events can be created by the author (these are called custom events). Authors can use these events to dictate what happens when. For instance, you can create a sequence that says "When this avatar finishes talking, start the next part of the script". 

When viewing a script, you will see the events link (or blue + symbol) at the bottom of the main pane.  When you click on this, you will see the events that you can create:


Within your script pane, the events tab shows any custom events that you have created which can manipulate various other frames and scripts depending on the custom event activating.  Global events are events that can be saved and used across all your scripts:



Event Listeners

Frames can have a Precondition that listens for a specific Event. Once this event is emitted, the Frame’s Precondition will be satisfied, and the Resources within that Frame will begin their processing.

To create an Event Precondition for a Frame you can create an Event Listener to navigate to the Resource whose Event the Frame will wait upon.

The most common Event Listeners are: