Facial Expression Resource

Overview of the Facial Expression Resource

The Facial Expression resource applies an animation to a character in the scene, if applicable. This resource is a type of Character Action.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Characters Specifies which character(s) to apply the animation on
Expression Specifies the expression to apply


Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Expressiveness  The intensity of the Facial Expression.  0-1 scale.
Transition Duration Specifies how long the transition is between facial expressions.
Hold Duration Specifies how long the character holds the facial expression.
Exit Duration Specifies how long the character transitions out of the facial expression.

Specifies how high the priority of the facial expression is.

If multiple facial expressions are used at the same time, the highest priority action will take effect.


Complete, Activate.

Example in the Headset:

  • Ensure you have a character spawned.  In this example, I've spawned Ted into the Workshop.
  • Add the Facial Expression resource to the script.
    • Choose the character, in this case, Ted.
    • Choose the Expression.
    • Choose Expressiveness (optional).
    • Choose Hold Duration (optional).

Training Tip:

If you select the Expression+ area of the resource, you will be presented with a list of facial expression names.  However, you can't determine what they look like before choosing.

Instead, open the catalog icon on the far right, open the Facial Expressions catalog, and then click on edit next to the name of the facial expression you want to see.  You will then be able to preview the face.  You can then drag and drop your chosen expression into the frame. 

See this video for the process:



  • In the Headset, you'll see Ted hold the expression for 3 seconds and then stop: