Fade Scene Resource

Overview of the Fade Scene resource

The Fade Scene resource allows the author to fade the scene in or out. Fading in will slowly reveal the scene to the user, whereas fading out will cause the scene to go completely dark. Fading in is an excellent way to introduce a new scene or area to the user, whereas fading out is great at concluding events. Used in conjunction, the fade in and outs can be used together to transition between different scenes.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Effect Specifies to fade in or fade out the scene.


Open, Activate, Complete.  


This is a simple example of fading out at the conclusion of training.

  • Navigate to the frame immediately proceeding where the fade out should be.
  • In this example, I've added a sub-frame under the last frame with a close event.  This means as soon as the notification is done, it will trigger the fade to happen.
  • Add the Fade Out resource to the frame:

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 9.49.06 AM

  • This is what it would look like in the headset: