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Save and Test Your Work

Learn how to go from StoryFlow to Headset

This tutorial presumes you've downloaded the apk and provisioned your device.

As you build your project in StoryFlow you will need to jump onto the headset to test your work.  It's advised you do this as you go so that if a mistake is made early on you can correct it before you get too far.

1. Save

After each item you create or change in StoryFlow, Save your work.  


If you try to move to a different area of StoryFlow without saving, you will see a pop-up notification.  

2. View Project in Headset

Apps > Unknown Sources > Project > Launch Code

  • Put on your headset.
  • In Oculus main menu, click on the square icon that is a grid of dots - these are your Apps
  • At the top right there is a dropdown menu.  Scroll down to Unknown Sources
  • You should see your Project.  Click to open.
  • You should get a Launch Code screen.  Enter your code here. 

launch code

If you do not see the screen, on the left controller, hit the menu button (three horizontal lines).  You will see a menu appear and choose Launch Code.

menu launch code

You will now be in your scene with the recent changes you've made. 

If you don your headset and are already in the scene

  • On the left controller, hit the menu button (three horizontal lines). 
  • You will see a menu appear - choose Reset.
  • Follow the Launch Code instructions above.


If your changes are not live yet:

  • Go to the Reset option in the menu above.  Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • Check the StoryFlow screen to make sure you Saved your changes.
  • If after a few minutes it is still not live, Quit out of the Motive app to your headset's main screen and reload.
  • If none of the above resolves your issues, please contact Motive Support via chat or support@motive.io