How are Enums Used?

This article explores two ways to use enums in StoryFlow

An enum is a list of values defined by you (the author). They are described here. You can use enums to create variables and behaviour models.

Creating Enum Variables

In this article we created an enum that listed the states of a scene object (specifically, a server rack). Watch this video to see how to create a variable that has those states as choices for the value:

use and enum to create a variable

An enum variable can be used in a number of ways. For example you could use it to keep track of the stage of a procedure, randomly set the outcome of a scenario or set the state of an object.

Using an Enum to Track a State in a Behaviour Model

To use an enum to set and track object state, the enum can be used in a behaviour model. This next video walks you through using an enum to create a state in a behaviour model:

create a behaviour model with an enum