How do I make a Positional Anchor Catalog?

Overview of how to create a catalog of reusable positional anchors

Positional Anchor how-to


Positional Anchors allow you to place specific items around the scene at the position of your choice.  It can be helpful to have them in a catalog.  To learn more about why positional anchors are valuable, click here.   


  • Click Catalog icon
  • Click Create or Import a New Catalog dropdown
  • In the dropdown for Create Catalog, select Named Positional Anchor
  • Give the catalog a name
  • Click Create

Add Items

  • Click the title of the catalog for Positional Anchors
  • Click Add Item
  • Give the anchor a name
  • In the dropdown for Fixed Position, enter the coordinates
  • Click on the checkmark at the top to save


Instead of manually entering in the coordinates for a Positional Anchor, use the VR Editor to place the anchor in the scene!