How to Create a Checklist in a Scenario

Checklists provide clear guidance and feedback for trainees in a VR training scenario. This document will show how to author a basic checklist in Storyflow.

1. Create a New Script

In Storyflow, create a new script and open it. It will look like this:

2. Add Variables to the Script to use in the Checklist

On the right-hand side, Click the Variables tab.

Click the Add New button.

  • Enter a name

  • Select ‘Boolean’ from the last dropdown menu

  • Save the variable by clicking the checkmark button on the right side of the blue name bar.

Create additional variables the same way. There should be one variable for each checklist item.

3. Add a New Frame to the Script

Add a frame and rename it Checklist.


4. Add a Guide - Itemized List Resource

Find the Itemized List resource. There may be more than one. Choose the one in the Guide section. See the picture below:

Drag the Itemized List into the frame.

Anchor the Guide to a Single Location in the VR Scene (Optional)

Optionally, you can add an Anchor. This is recommended. It ensures that the checklist is always in the same place within the VR scene. This is useful for the user as they go through a training scenario.

  1. Drag a Scene Anchor resource into the frame

  2. Select the Scene Anchor you wish to use

  3. In the Guide resource, the Anchor selected in step two will now be in the Anchor drop down list. Select it.

5. Add Items to the Checklist

On the Guide resource, in the Itemized List section select Checklist Item from the Items drop down.

Add as many as the number of variables you created earlier.

6. Associate the Variables with the Checklist Items

Each Checklist item has a Checked field with a checkbox next to it.

Click the dynamic symbol to the left the Checked checkbox. It will change from a checkbox to a drop down list with the variables you previously created.

Assign the correct variable to each Checklist item.

Remember, the variables are Booleans. This means, they are either true or false. A checkbox is either checked or unchecked. True = Checked. False = Unchecked.

The value of the variables will now change the checkbox state whenever we set the variable values later in the script.

7. Change a Variable to Complete a Checklist Item

Add a new frame to the script.

Add a Screen Message. For this example, reading the message and closing it will be Step 1.

Click the blue shortcut button attached to the Screen Message resource and select ‘close’.

This will create a new frame in the script and it will be selected for editing.

You can change the frame name if you would like. At this point, we know that Step 1 has happened in the script. The Screen Message must be closed or the frame would not be open. Let’s check Step 1 off the list. Find the Step 1 variable in the Variables list on the right.

Drag it into the frame.

Under the Step 1 title, click ‘set value’ and check the checkbox.

Since the variable is linked to our checklist, it will change the value of the checkbox on the checklist. When this script is run and the message is closed, the checklist will automatically show as checked at that point.

This process can be repeated for any subsequent steps. It is how to add a checklist to any VR training scenario.