How to Use a Keyphrase with a Speech Recognition Condition

Create a frame which uses a keyphrase with speech recognition as the condition.

Note: You must have a Watson Service Configuration Catalog set up to use this type of condition. More information on setting up Watson with Storyflow can be found here.

Voice is a natural way for users to interact with a VR scene. Voice can be used in many ways. It could be something as simple as providing a hint or something as complex as a conversation with an avatar. Keyphrases are better for simpler interactions whereas Intents are preferred for conversations.

Speech Recognition Conditions work like any other conditions. They wait until they are true, then the resources in the frame activate. Using a keyphrase in your condition makes the frame wait until the user says the word or phrase you have specified.

Step 1 - Add a Speech Recognition Condition to a Frame

In a new frame, drag in a Speech Recognition Condition.


Step 2 - Configure the Speech Recognition Condition

Select "Keyphrase" from the drop down and click the "+" button.


Enter the word or phrase you want the user to say to trigger the condition. Words with more than one syllable work best.

Step 3 - Add a Resource to the Frame

Let's add a Screen Message to the Frame to test if it works. You can add any type of resource you'd like. 

Step 4 - Test the Condition

Run your script and test your keyphrase. You can try different keyphrases until you find one that you like. 

If you followed this example, the result will behave like this:

Speech Recognition - Please Help Keyphrase

Note: If you say the word and the resource doesn't appear, give it a second and try saying the word again. Variations in microphones, volume, distance, accents, ambient noise, pronunciation, etc.. can be factors.