Multiple Choice Question Resource

Overview of Multiple Choice Question Resource

This resource allows you to add a Multiple choice question and the learner's answers can dictate branching.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Responses Text of responses to questions asked.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Title Title on the Multiple Choice panel.
Anchors Anchor for the panel.
Question The Multiple Choice Question.
Is Correct You can fill this in if you want to use the “correct” and “incorrect” events to branch.
Choose multiple responses Use this if you want the learner to be able to select more than one choice from the list.


Open, Activate, Close, Complete, Correct, Incorrect, Author generated: (Option 1-4, success, failure, deactivate, etc.)

Example in the Headset:

I want to display a quiz about safety hats. 

  • Determine if an anchor is desired, or leave it blank to put in front of the learner.
  • Create a Title (optional).
  • Create the Question.
  • Click on + to add answers (mandatory):


  • Create responses in the Text box.
  • Click on + next to Event to create an event listener.  In this case, I've marked the Fail and Correct options (optional):

  • The correct event then triggers a screen message that I created:

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 10.53.27 AM

In the Headset, the learner will see the quiz:


and be routed to the message I've created depending on the answer: