Notification Resource

Overview of the Notification Resource

The Notification resource displays text that is anchored to where the user is looking. This text will disappear after a short amount of time. It provides the user with immediate feedback that cannot be avoided since it follows their gaze.

It is a content type of a Playable Content Resource.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Message Specifies the body text that is displayed to the user

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description

Specifies the object that the resource is attached to.

By default, it will follow the gaze of the user.

Title Specifies the title text that is displayed to the user.

Specifies the sound that is played when the notification appears.


Specifies the image that is displayed to the user.


Specifies if the user's controller vibrates when the notification appears, if applicable.


Specifies delay and time of day settings.


Specifies how high the priority of the Notification is.

If multiple Notifications are used at the same time, the highest priority action will take effect.

  • Normal: Normal order.
  • High: Next in the queue behind the item that needs to finish.
  • Filler: Will play item if nothing has been played in a while, otherwise, doesn't play at all.
  • Interrupt: Stops what is currently playing and plays immediately.


Open, Activate, Close, Complete.

Example in the Headset:

  • Add the Notification Resource to a frame.
  • Add a Message (and any optional fields):

In the Headset, this is what the learner will see: