Object Interactions: Overview

Overview of the various Object Interactions

Object interactions in the Frame Tools Panel

What are Object Interactions?

Object interactions are a core part of the Storyflow authoring system. By using the various types of object interactions, authors allow users to use, move and even equip objects within the scene. Furthermore, these different actions can be used in tandem with the Object Event condition to drive the scenario along.

Object Interactions can be added to your scripts from the frame tools panel, located on the right-hand side of the Storyflow Editor once you have a script open.

What are the different types of Object Interactions?

There are a variety of different object interactions that an author can use in their scene, each with their own different behaviors.

The list of object interactions include:

Each object interaction can emit an event that can satisfy an Object Event condition within a script, allowing the user to progress through the scenario. Object interactions will only emit its event if the user makes a successful interaction. What makes a successful interaction depends on the type of Object interaction used.

Which object interactions should I use, and when?

It's important to ensure that these object interactions are used for their intended purpose. Please see the links to the various object interactions above where we'll discuss how each object interaction is used along with an example for when the specific object interaction may be implemented.