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Provision Headset and Use Launch Codes

Provision your headset on the Motive Launch Server, locate your launch code and enter it into the VR

Provisioning a Headset and Using Short Codes V2

  1. Open the scenario app on your headset.
  2. You will see an Authorize Screen with a blue "Connect" button.  Click on that and write down your 9 digit code.
    1. If the Authorize Screen does not appear, follow these steps:
    2. Press the menu button on the left controller. It is near your thumb and has three horizontal lines on it. This will bring up the Motive Menu
    3. Select Admin -> Devices -> Provision Devices
    4. Click on that and write down your 9 digit code.
  3. Go to https://launch.storyflow.dev/us
  4. Navigate to Devices, then choose Provision New Device and enter the 9 digit code.

  5. On the left side of the screen, click Launchers. 

  6. Find the Launch Code next to your name and make a note of it. You may need to go to the next page to find it. You can click on the next page at the bottom of the list
  7. Put on your headset and enter the launch code into the Launch Code screen:

    launch code
  8. A loading bar may or may not appear. Then a screen will show a list of scenarios from your StoryFlow workspace.
  9. Select one that you have authored to test it in the VR scene. 
  10. At any point, you can click the menu button on the left controller to bring up the Motive menu.
    1. Launch Code - Brings up the Launch Experience screen. You can enter a Launch Code using this screen.
    2. Scenarios - Shows the Scenarios Menu but does not refresh from StoryFlow. Generally, it is better to the Reset button.
    3. Reset - Refreshes the content from StoryFlow and then shows the Scenarios menu. This is the preferred option. You can make changes in StoryFlow, press the reset button and relaunch your scenario to see your changes in the VR scene.
    4. Admin - Opens the Admin screen
    5. Close - Makes this menu disappear.