Reach Resource

Overview of the Reach Resource

The Reach resource positions a character's limb towards a target, i.e. hands or feet. This resource is a type of Character Action.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Character Specifies the character to reach.
Body Part Specifies the limb the character will use to reach the target.
Target Specifies the scene object that the character reaches for.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Weight How significant the reach is (more subtle is usually better).
Transition Duration Specifies how long the transition is into the reach animation.
Hold Duration Specifies how long the character holds the reach.
Exit Duration Specifies how long the character transitions out of the reach animation.

Specifies how high the priority of the animation is.

If multiple animations are used at the same time, the highest priority action will take effect.


Complete, Open, and Activate.

Example in the Headset:

In the Workshop, I want Ted to reach in the direction of a paint bucket.

  • In the Scene Objects frame, add the object (in this case the paint bucket) to the script with a Scene Object resource:
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.05.51 PM

  • Ensure the character (Ted) is spawned.
  • Add the Look At resource to the script.
    • Choose the Character, in this case, Ted.
    • Choose the Body Part that is doing the reaching, in this case, Ted's left hand.
    • Choose the Target, in this case, the Paint Bucket.
    • Determine the Weight of the reach (optional).
    • Determine Hold Duration (optional).


  • In the Headset you'll see Ted reaching towards the paint bucket for 3 seconds: