Scene Anchor Resource

Overview of the Scene Anchor Resource

The Scene Anchor Resource allows you to insert a positional anchor into the scene.  This anchor can be used by other resources, such as the Screen Message and Move User resources.  This is commonly used if a catalog of Positional Anchors has been created and you want to pull them in.

This is different from the Positional Anchor Resource - which allows you to attach to an object in the scene, or create an anchor.  


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Anchor Specifies the anchor to which this Scene Anchor is attached to.


Open, and Activate.

In the Headset:

In the Workshop script, I've added a scene anchor for a positional anchor I've created using the VR Editor.  Then, I've added a screen dialog message using the custom anchor in the scene:


Here is what that looks like in the headset: