Scene Object Resource

Overview of the Scene Object Resource

The Scene Object resource creates a reference to an object in the scene. This reference can be used within a script by other resources.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Object Specifies the scene object catalog item to create a reference from.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Parent It can be useful to use Parent/Child relationships to distinguish between Scene Objects with the same name.  Let's say there are 12 Jigsaws in the Workshop with 12 blades.  Instead of naming each blade, it can be the Jigsaw Blade (child) of the First Jigsaw (parent).  Next would be the Jigsaw Blade (child) of the Second Jigsaw (parent), etc.  By using the parent identification, we can highlight the appropriate Jigsaw Blade, based on the parent.


Open and Activate.


In this scene, I have a character Stacey and she will be sitting down in a chair.  Both Stacey and the chair need to be added to this script as scene objects so that I can create the interactions.  

It's suggested as a best practice to organize all of your scene objects in one frame to keep things organized.

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  • From the resource pane, drag and drop the Scene Object Resource into your frame.
  • From the Object dropdown, choose the appropriate item.
  • Add as many as necessary to build out this script.