Select Object from Interaction Resource

Overview of the Select Object from Interaction Resource

Select Object from Interaction has a very specific use case. If there is an object in the scene that contains several of the same types of thing, but you want to specifically target the item that the learner interacted with, this is the resource you need.

Specific example: in a food safety scenario there was a step where the learner needed to pull a test strip from a dispenser to test the concentration of their sanitizer. We couldn’t be sure that they would use the first test strip that they chose and if they threw a few on the floor before testing, we did not want them to all change color when the one their hand was dipped in the solution. In this case, we used the “Select Object from Interaction” resource to indicate that the one that was in their hand should be the one that reacts to the next step.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
World Object

Set the object that is currently being interacted with to the world object targeted in this field.



Open and Activate.