The Complete Event

An overview of the Complete Event Listener


Events are useful as a way to trigger Frames and the Resources within. Frames can have a Precondition that listens for a specific Event. Once this event is emitted, the Frame’s Precondition will be satisfied, and the Resources within that Frame will begin their processing.

To create an Event Precondition for a Frame you can create an Event Listener to navigate to the Resource whose Event the Frame will wait upon. Then, in the bottom right-hand corner of this Resource, click the blue plus (“+”) symbol and choose the Event for which you want to listen. This will create a new Frame with a Precondition for the Event you selected.


The Complete event is emitted in the context of a Resource. It is intended to activate when the Resource finishes running.  This is different from the Close event where the Resource is done (Screen message when closed will disappear from the screen or Media that stops after it is finished playing).  An example would be a learner using the Use Tool Resource to spray a workbench and when that is complete, a notification pops up.

When it can be used

This event is not guaranteed to be emitted.  It depends on the resource.  To confirm if the Complete Event is emitted for a specific resource, please refer to the knowledge base article on that resource.  


  • Navigate to the appropriate frame and resource (or create them).
  • Click on the blue + symbol in the bottom right-side corner of the resource OR in the case of this resource, you can choose the event to be emitted from the dropdown.
  • Choose Complete:


  • Add the resource to be processed once the precondition has been satisfied: