Turn To Resource

Overview of the Turn To Resource

The Turn To resource causes a character to turn towards a target object. This resource is a type of Character Action.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
Characters Specifies which character(s) to apply the animation on.
Target Specifies the target to which the character will turn to.

Optional Fields:

Field Name Description
Offset Specifies the offset (in degrees) that the character will turn to.

Specifies how high the priority of the animation is.

If multiple animations are used at the same time, the highest priority action will take effect.


Open, Activate, and Complete.

Example in the Headset:

In the Workshop, I want Ted to turn to the speaker after being spawned.  

  • Drag the Turn To resource to the frame.
    • Add Ted as the Character.
    • Add the Target (speaker in this example).
    • Optional:  I've added a Timer Condition of 2 seconds to delay Ted turning after he's spawned.  


  • In the headset, Ted will be spawned, wait 2 seconds, and then turn to the speaker:
Turn to gif