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Office Tutorial 13 - Putting it all Together

Complete the branching scenario

You should now have a working scenario that responds to voice input, prompts and guides the user, and branches based on input from the learner. This series of videos will take you through the process of authoring the complete scenario.

Quick Links

Step 1: Plan 

Step 2: Build "Specific Feedback" Branch

Step 3: Build "Unspecific Feedback" Branch


Step 1: Plan 

You may already have a favourite planning tool for branching scenarios. Prototyping with pen and paper, chart-building software like LucidChart or with Twine are all viable options.

Planning the scenario helps you decide what your script structure should be when authoring. Whenever possible, it is advisable to avoid very long and complex scripts. Keeping things modular makes the authoring and editing experience easier. 

Here are a few screenshots of the scenario planned in LucidChart and in Twine:

Scenario plan

After prototyping it became clear that a script for the "Specific Feedback" branch and one for the "Unspecific Feedback" branch would help keep things organized.

Step 2: Build "Specific Feedback" Branch

First, we will build the skeleton of the script for the "Specific Feedback" branch

With the skeleton complete, we will fill out the frames with the resources we need:

A few key steps were forgotten in this video!

  1. The fail condition for the voice input resources (character didn't understand what you said) need to have "ignore previous" toggled:
  2. The Voice input resources should be persistent - but then you need to remember to deactivate them once you successfully head down a branch (see Tutorial 9)
  3. You also need to remember to close the "Helper Text" frames when they are no longer needed (a trainee has successfully activated one of the meaningful branches)

Finally, we'll add a few finishing touches, including some global events:

Step 3: Build "Unspecific Feedback" Branch

One last thing to add to the Unspecific Feedback branch - discovered after testing! For the flow Give unspecific feedback > employee asks for clarification >try again and give better feedback, we forgot to set the "specific feedback given" script to "true":

Save and test. Try all of the various ways it can go. If you see some inconsistencies, you can check out the shared workspace where this scenario is complete to try to troubleshoot.