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Watson: Create a Skill and Upload Intents from a CSV file

Create a new skill for a Watson assistant. Populate it with intents with a pre-existing CSV file.

Step 1: Go to the IBM Watson Assistant List 

Log into IBM and find your list of Watson Assistants.


Step 2: Select the Skills list

On the left side, click the skills icon.



Step 3: Create a New Skill

Click the 'Create skill' button.



Step 4: Choose the Skill type

Select 'Dialog Skill' and click 'Next'



Step 5: Create a Dialog Skill

Enter a name and description (optional). Click the 'Create dialog skill' button.



Step 6: Choose Import Intents

Click the 'Import intents' option.



Step 7: Select CSV File to Upload

Click the 'Drag and drop files here or click to upload' link.


Locate the CSV file to upload and select it


Step 8: Import the Intents

Click the 'Import' button.



Once the import is complete, a window will display the results. 

Click 'Done' to view the imported intents.