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Workshop Tutorial 3 - Add a Video to the Scene

A video can sometimes be useful to reinforce an idea or learning outcome.

Training Notes

In this article, we will learn about the Screen Media resource.  

Quick Links

Step 1: Create a New Script Called "Video Content"

Step 2: Add the Video Content Script to the Director Script

In the Headset

Step 1: Create a New Script Called "Video Content"

Now, let's add video content to the scenario! First, you need to create a new script. 

  • Script icon>Scripts Catalog>Add New Script.
  • Name the script "Video Content".
  • Click on the title to open the script editor.
  • Collapse the catalog menu.
  • Rename the subframe "Play Video".

Your screen will look like this:


Next, we want to add the ability to play the video in this frame and for that, we will use the resources.

  • Ensure the active tab you are editing is the "Video Content" tab.
  • Go to the resources tab, and find the "Screen Media" resource under "Playable Content". 
  • Drag the resource to the center of your screen.
  • Click on the "+" beside "Media", as shown below.  


Training Notes

If you wanted to anchor the video to a location in the scene, such as the back wall of the workshop, you would create an anchor. For now, we will have it appear in front of the trainee so we will leave the anchor blank.  

  • When you click on the "+", a media catalog will open from the right sidebar.
  • Click on "Workshop Videos" and then "Motive Marketing Video", as shown here. 
2020-12-07_20-06-22 Add video-1

If the video is too small, mouse over the bottom right and click on the fullscreen icon after you hit play. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 12.11.02 PM

  • Save the script.

Step 2: Add the Video Content Script to the Director Script

As you've learned previously, all scripts must be added to the Director Script in order to play.

  • Open the Director Script.
  • Create a new frame on the same level as the others.
  • Rename the frame "Video Content".

  • Click on the script icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and drag the Video Content Script into the frame we just created.
  • The Director Script will now look like this:


  • STOP:  Save and test. Now, when you launch the scenario, you should see the video pop up after the screen message closes. 

Note that, while the "Ambience" frame and the "Launch Welcome Message" frame will open at the same time when the experience launches, the "Video Content" frame will only open after the Welcome Message is closed by the trainee. We'll learn more about the order that frames launch, in the next Tutorial. 

In the Headset

This is what your scenario will look like so far:


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