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Workshop Tutorial 9 - That's a Wrap

Congratulations on completing the Workshop Tutorial series!  We hope you found it was a helpful learning scenario that allowed you to learn to create scripts in StoryFlow and have learners interact with scene objects.

Here's a recap of what you learned:

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Frame Processing

Key Takeaways Across Workshop Tutorial

  • Director Script is the script launched when a scenario starts and it controls the flow of the scenario.
  • Move between multiple scripts by using tabs within the Project.  You will see the script name in the active script tab that you are currently editing.
  • Anchors allow you to place resources within a scene at a specified place or can appear in front of the user wherever they are in the scene by leaving the Achor field blank.
  • Every script created should be launched from the Director Script and the fastest way to do so is to use the Scripts icon to drag and drop the script into your frame.
  • If users will be interacting with objects in the scene, you need to add those objects to a script via the Catalog.
  • Always test audio files to ensure optimal sound levels. 
  • Any audio on Ambient Track will have the lowest priority if there are several sounds playing at once.
  • When you anchor sounds to an object the sound will change based on your location in the scene.
  • Within the VR scene, use the green arrows to move around.
  • Conditions help you control the order of items in the scene.
  • It is a best practice to always complete a script with an End Script resource.  This way you can quickly add object event conditions at a later time.
  • The Text to Speech tool in the Media Library is a great tool to create on-the-fly audio, even if it's simply a placeholder for future recordings that you will upload.
  • Once you've identified the Scene Object and the Equip Target (landing place) resources, you can use the Equip+ resource to enable the learner to understand what item within the scene should go where.
  • The Object Event condition can activate a notification after successful task completion.  By using sounds, text, images, and more you can reinforce a learner's success.  
  • Prompt Anchors can help you position your helpful hints/text to the learner so they know what to do.  If you leave the anchor blank it will use the World Object by default unless you specify a different one.
  • Variables help to keep track of items in the script.  In this example, they are used as true or false items to determine where in a script an item is complete.

If you have any questions, please contact Motive Support via email at support@motive.io or by Live Chat from the Help Centre.