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Workshop Tutorial - Start Here

Learn StoryFlow with a sandbox scenario

This tutorial series is meant to give you the ability to learn StoryFlow as you complete a sandbox scenario.  You are creating a Workshop scene where the learner enters and engages with messages, video, music, and typical workshop objects (hard hat, jigsaw, and spray bottle).  As you create the scene you will check your work in the VR scene with your headset and make any tweaks before progressing.

Let's Get Started

  1. Install the APK you received from us using SideQuest.
  2. Provision your headset and launch code
  3. At this point, you can look around at a workshop on your headset.  Take a moment to learn how to use the VR controllers in the scene.
  4. Log into StoryFlow and open the Workshop Sandbox.
  5. Review the basic areas of the StoryFlow Dashboard.
  6. Do a tour of the StoryFlow Editor.

You are now ready to start building your scenario!  Continue with Workshop Tutorial 1 - Setting Up.