World Object Proximity Condition

Overview of the World Object Proximity Condition

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The World Object Proximity condition is met when the user is within range of the specified world objects.


Required Fields:

Field Name Description
World Objects Specifies the World Object(s) to be considered.
Range Specifies the minimum and maximum ranges for the condition to be met, measured in metres.


Example in the Headset

The World Object Proximity Condition is met when the user is within range of the specified world objects.  In this example, I want a screen message to appear once the learner moves to a certain location in the scene.

  • Using the VR Editor, I've placed my "Anchor 2" in front of the paint cans in my Workshop:


  • In my script, I've added the World Proximity Condition to the desired frame.  In this case, it has become a Compound Condition (two or more sub-conditions) because I want this to trigger when the last notification has been closed by the learner AND they come within the *range I've specified of my "Anchor 2":

*distance in metres.

  • I've added a screen message and a notification sound to play once the learner is in the correct spot:


  • When I test in the headset, you can see that the resources play once the conditions above are met: